Saturday, July 9, 2011

Capricho de Cabra, Spain's Answer to Chevre

And what an answer it is. Every time I get asked what country has the overall best cheeses I inevitably have a hard time imagining how any answer could exclude fresh French goat cheese. It is truly one of the simplest pleasures in the culinary world and is rarely challenged in its field of expertise. 
The Spanish are no strangers to goat's milk, however, and somewhere along the line they came up with today's cheese; Capricho de Cabra. Made with the milk of Murciana goats and benefiting from the high fat content thereof, Capricho de Cabra is a delight and, at the very least, gives French chevre a run for its money.
Origin: Near Murcia, Spain
Milk: Goat, pasteurized
Rennet: Animal
Affinage: Fresh!
Notes: There is another version that's covered in paprika, but I'll get to that later.
Thoughts: At room temperature this cheese simply melts in your mouth, instantly hitting you with a myriad of delightful flavor nuances. The creaminess comes through right off the bat and carries through the taste, as does a tangy sweetness. Distinguishing it from other fresh cherves is the darker, almost smoky flavor that lingers in the back of the throat and takes the flavor to a whole new level. The flavor interacts with the whole palate and really makes for a delightful fresh goat cheese. Perhaps it's a little different than French chevre, perhaps the two shouldn't be compared side by side, but I'd proudly put this on any cheese platter or tasting board with the fullest of confidence, it does not disappoint. 

Don't tell France I said that. You can keep a secret, right?  

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