Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Herve Mons Meule de Savoie, FROM THE CLOUD!

That's right. The future is now.
This post, albeit late, is from the future. Is from the cloud.
That's exciting to me, at least. Even more exciting, a new cheese! The stoutish yeoman at a national natural food chain which shall not be named pointed me to this when pressed for Beaufort. Herve Mons Meule de Savoie is not Beaufort, but it's still awful good.
Origin: Savoie, France
Milk: Cow, raw
Rennet: Animal
Affinage: 10 months
Notes: Imbued with extra cloudiness. It's... cloudy. That's also why the format is all wonky.
Thoughts: A rich creaminess starts off a fully chocolatey and nutty experience, quite a bit moister than most gruyere style cheeses. It is tangy in all the right places and has just a tiny crunch from the caesin to really round out the texture. It's not the strongest of flavored but is very well fulled out. The cheese breaks down nicely on the palate and has notes of fruit here and there among more prominent sweet tones.

La la thoughts la cloud la la ka

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